Neelakantha Meditation

Neelakantha Meditation is an elegant and profound meditation practice that draws you into your deepest Self, giving you access to more bliss, peace, and ease in life. This simple twice-daily practice can be done anywhere you can safely close your eyes, making it possible to build it into the context of a busy schedule, amid all the demands of day-to-day life.

When you learn Neelakantha Meditation, you also receive the knowledge you need to understand and integrate your experiences in deep meditation. But you don’t need any prior experience or background to learn the practice, and enjoy the benefits of Neelakantha Meditation.

Meditation allows us to increase our stability and our resilience in the face of the numerous challenges that we will all face in life.  I think of it as being as essential to my personal well-being as brushing my teeth. The restorative restfulness that I get through meditating is something which I am able to access during the rest of my day and I truly can’t imagine my life without it. By moving deeply inward daily, I am able to move more effectively in my outward-facing life. In the day-to-day world, we can see that the natural tendency of things is to grow, to heal, to evolve. In deep meditation, we access the source of that animating force in a very powerful way.

The image we sometimes use is of watering the roots of a tree, so that it can stretch higher. It is only by nourishing the roots that the tree is able to grow to its full potential.  The watering does not make an apple tree into a palm tree, but it can make either an apple or a palm into a stronger and more resilient tree, allowing it to flower and bear fruit. Watering the leaves, addressing the surface level of the tree, does not nourish it in the same way. In the same way, by diving into our Highest Consciousness on a regular basis, we are able to grow in ways that we might not have even imagined were possible. That is why I call my offering "Taproot."

Neelakantha Meditation works even if you have a very active or stressed out mind. Many practices of concentration or relaxation are sometimes called “meditation.” We call Neelakantha Meditation “deep meditation” because it allows up to access our Highest Self, rather than simply addressing surface-level experiences and emotions. By diving deep in this way, we access the natural qualities of deep intelligence, compassion and joy, which exist at the deepest levels of our mind.